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Ground Bees

Ground-dwelling, solitary, tunnel-nesting bees.

Facts & Information

Ground Bees


¼ – ¾ inches

Active Months:
March – August

Not Aggressive

Insect Quantity:
1 – 5 per nesting tunnel

Insect Color

Ground Bee Behavior:

Ground nesting or miner bees are solitary bees that create underground galleries, with queens living individually and raising their own young.  The entrances to the nests are small piles or patches of bare soil.  They do not form hives, but several females may nest in the same area. Ground bee queens do not defend their nesting areas and are very docile and unlikely to sting, posing little or no threat to people.  The males often patrol an area inhabited by females seeking mates.  While the males can be very active and seem aggressive, they lack a sting and are also harmless.  Like other bees, they are active foragers of nectar and pollen from flowers, making them beneficial pollinators.

Their nest entrances are small mounds of soil a few inches across.  While they may briefly detract from the aesthetics of a well-tended lawn, they do absolutely no harm to the grass or soil—even improving it as their nests function as aeration holes, improving the penetration of water and nutrients.  Eventually, as the nests are abandoned after the spring nesting season, the soil washes back into place with rain, disappearing completely.   

If you find mounds of soil similar to anthills but with larger openings, they might be ground bee nests.

Always observe a bee’s nest from a safe distance when you’re trying to identify a species. Watch for bees flying low over the ground and entering the burrow. Do you see a single bee coming and going, or multiple bees entering the nest? If just a single bee entering a dirt mound they can be a ground bee nest.

How Serious Are Ground Bees?

Ground bees, also known as solitary mining bees, typically pose little threat to humans and are generally not considered serious pests. While they may seem intimidating due to their large numbers and habit of nesting in the ground, ground bees are typically docile and rarely sting unless provoked. Unlike social bees like honey bees or aggressive yellow jackets, ground bees are solitary creatures and do not defend their nests in large numbers.

However, their presence can sometimes become a nuisance, especially if their nesting sites are near high-traffic areas or if individuals have allergic reactions to bee stings. Additionally, the excavation activity of ground bees can cause minor disruptions to lawns and gardens. In most cases, though, ground bees play a beneficial role in pollination and soil health, making efforts to coexist with them preferable to eradication.

Why call a professional to remove Ground Bees?

Calling a professional for ground bee removal is essential, even though complete eradication may not always be possible. While ground bees generally pose minimal risks, attempting removal without professional assistance can lead to ineffective results and potential safety hazards. Pest control experts possess the necessary knowledge and tools to assess the situation accurately and implement the most suitable removal strategies. Even if complete elimination proves challenging, professionals can still mitigate the risks associated with ground bee activity and provide guidance on long-term management strategies to minimize future encounters. Their expertise ensures a thorough and safe approach to handling ground bee infestations, promoting peace of mind for homeowners and maintaining environmental balance.

Not Sure What Type of Bees You Have?

If you see bees coming and going from an opening in your home or yard, take a picture of the bees as well as the location where they are so we can positively identify the type of bees and text the pictures to 845-445-8273 or send us a bee removal request HERE.

Our Ground Bee Treatment Process:

Our Ground Bee Treatment Process at Rockland Bee Removal is designed to address ground bee infestations effectively, although complete eradication may not always be achievable. We understand the challenges posed by these elusive insects and employ meticulous methods to locate and treat their nesting sites. However, due to the intricate nature of ground bee and their nesting habits, we cannot guarantee complete removal in every case. Despite this limitation, we prioritize transparency and strive to provide realistic expectations, ensuring that homeowners are informed throughout the treatment process. While outcomes may vary, our commitment to thoroughness and safety remains unwavering.

A ground bee emerging from its nest.

Need Ground Bee Treatment at your location?

If you see lots of bees hovering low to the ground in your yard, take a picture of the bees as well as the location where they are so we can positively identify the type of bees and text the pictures to 845-445-8273 or send us a bee removal request HERE.

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