Bees are flying insects crucial for pollination, known for their cooperative social behavior and the production of honey.

Rockland Bee Removal

Bees Native to Rockland County NY

Honey Bee


April – November
10,000 – 60,000 per nest
Generally Not Aggressive

Honey bees, members of the Apis genus, are highly social insects known for their crucial role in pollination and honey production. Organized in colonies, they exhibit complex communication and hive-building behaviors.

Carpenter Bee


April – September
1 – 5 per nest hole
Generally Not Aggressive

Carpenter bees, belonging to the Xylocopa genus, are large, solitary bees known for their distinctive habit of tunneling into wood to create nests. With their robust bodies and often metallic sheen, male carpenter bees are unable to sting, while females may deliver a potent but rarely used sting when provoked.



April – September
25 – 450 per nest
Generally Not Aggressive

Bumblebees, belonging to the genus Bombus, are robust and hairy social insects crucial for pollination. Recognized by their black and yellow stripes, these bees form colonies, and their industrious foraging supports ecosystems by aiding in the reproduction of various plants.

Ground Bees


March – August
1 – 5 per nesting tunnel
Generally Not Aggressive

Ground-nesting or miner bees are solitary bees that create nests in the soil or burrow into the ground to lay their eggs. These non-aggressive bees are important pollinators and are often characterized by their preference for nesting in sandy or well-drained soil.

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