Saving one Bee at a time.

About Us

We’re local Rockland Beekeepers seeking to save our honey bees.
Bees in your home, tree, shed? We remove honey bees professionally.

Our main objective is to save Rockland County’s Honey Bee Population. We are well known for our services and many local Pest Removal and Exterminators call us to preform any bee rescues.

Bees have always been taken for granted until recently when we finally realize preserving bees is essential to our world’s plants and farms that deeply depend on them. We thank you all for calling us and not spraying them with pesticides!

In addition, we provide Wasp and Hornet removal services to help residents stay safe around their properties and to help honeybee colonies thrive.


Zev, David, Isaac – Beekeepers
(845) 445-8273


Since 2015 when we became beekeepers we have done many Bee Removal jobs throughout the area. Bees are important pollinators and instead of letting the die we rescue them and bring them to our Honeybee farm.


Wasps can be extremely aggressive to people & pets if they feel threatened. Because Wasp hives are so common in this area we provide wasp removal services to help homeowners feel safe around their property.


Hornets like to build their nests in trees or under the eaves of a home. If people are living close by, there is a possibility of getting attacked. Once a hive is found we come remove the nest.

Serving all of Rockland County, NY