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Bee Removal Service

At Rockland Bee Removal we provide 2 types of services. It all depends on the species we are dealing with.
For beneficial species, we will try to save & relocate them to our farm.
For aggressive & invasive species we will come exterminate them safely for the protection of people and pets.
Below is our service details for the beneficial Honeybee. Visit our exterminating service page HERE.

Saving & Relocating Bees:

There are many different species of bees, all of which play beneficial roles as pollinators. They all typically exhibit docile behavior unless provoked. However, when it comes to relocating nests from homes or yards, only honeybee nests & swarms can be successfully saved & relocated. Regrettably, relocating other bee species like bumblebees and carpenter bees proves exceedingly challenging, if not entirely impossible.
As a result, Rockland Bee Removal exclusively handles honeybee relocations. Although we generally avoid eliminating other bee species, there are occasions when their close proximity to people and pets necessitates intervention.

Dealing with Honey Bees:

Rockland Bee Removal is equipped with the expertise and tools to locate & remove honeybee nests. We also are quick to respond to honeybee swarms, we have specialized vacuums to effectively rescue a swarm that may have landed on your property.
If you suspect that honeybees may have taken residence, reach out to us. Many times with honeybees, we would have to comedown once before we can give you a full quote in order to positively locate where the nests resides.


Identification is key when it comes to figuring out a mode of action.
Visit our honeybee identification page to learn more.

Bees we Save & Relocate:

Honey Bee

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