DIY Wasp & Hornet Trap

Rockland Bee Removal

You will need:

  • Plastic container of sorts. You can use a empty soda bottle or a paint bucket from your hardware store. Make sure you have a cover with it.
  • PVC Pipe. You can use any size, we use a 1 inch outside diameter pipe.
  • Hole Dozer saw drill bit. Size should be the same as your pvc pipe diameter.
  • A serrated saw.
  • Glue


  1. Take your Hole saw and make a hole in the side of your plastic container about 2/3 up.
  2. Make a 2nd hole on the  directly opposite side of the 1st hole.
  3. cut a section of pipe so once inserted into the trap it will stick out about an inch on each side.
  4. In the middle of the pipe section cut a 1 inch hole into the side of the pipe.
  5. Inset the pipe with the hole face up into the trap and glue it into place.
  6. fill the trap with your desired bait and place it away from people and pets.
  7. Optional: if you with to hang the trap you can drill a small hole in the trap and attach a string to hang the trap.