Welcome to Rockland Bee Removal.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHave a honey bee nest or hive? We can help remove them safely. We service the Rockland NY Area. Bees often make ther nest in trees, homes, logs, call us to remove them safely.


Honey bees need our help, please don't kill them, call us as soon as you see them. 845-202-2575

Removal Process

Getting to the hive can be difficult,  we may need to cut Sheetrock, walls, trees, to expose and remove the hive safely. Once we'are done you'll need to call a handyman for the repairs. We do our best to keep damage to a minimum.


Please make sure you have Honey Bees before you call us, if you are unsure call us!


If you have any other bees then honey bees, call an exterminator, they will remove them safely.